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Today’s guest is Fritz  Charles,  the founder of Coin Gamma; a crypto data and content company that provides reliable information about the crypto and blockchain space. You will discover how to Build your App idea, how to determine if you should offer a Subscription from a free app, and more.

Fritz Charles is the founder of Coin Gamma

Show Notes

How to Build Your App Idea?

Working on your app idea can be a bit challenging, but there’s a way to carry out that idea. According to Fritz, who has been involved in several apps and projects, most ideas are not original because somewhere there’s already an app that has the same features. Also, an app idea could be simply putting a new spin to an existing app. So, it’s best to research your app idea and use the charts and data that are readily available in the market.

If you are developing a game, check out for apps that are similar to what you have in mind. Research its data, how the people respond to it and see what you like and what you don’t like in it. See the reviews and complaints and make sure that you improve those things. It’s best if you download the app and experience it yourself, so you will know first-hand the things that you need to address and improve.

From the development standpoint, he suggested that you break down the project and don’t give your money upfront to someone. You should break down your big idea into chunks. Once your app is ready, you will likely have data. For the data side, make sure that you are tracking the data on point. So, use analog tools like Firebase. You can also invest in more sophisticated tools like Mixpanel and LeanPlum.

How to Figure Out If You Will Offer a Subscription From A Free App

Some app developers have a hard time deciding whether they offer their app for free or have some features available for subscriptions only. For this, Fritz suggests that you do a test.

Divide your users into two. A segment of them can see all the features and do anything while the other can only see a portion of the app and offer them soft or hard upsell depending on how long they have used the app. Let them use the app for a month or two. You can also do a weekly subscription to see the data quicker. Then examine the data how many users go from free to paid and how long paid users stay with your app. He added that it’s best to let your app sit for a while to have enough data.

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