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About the Episode

Coming up today’s guest has multiple Apple Features to his name generating well over 6 million downloads and he talks about how to narrow the scope of your game so you can actually launch it. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares how he comes up with game ideas by combining aspects of other popular games.

Colin Lane is a Game Developer at Colin Lane Games.

Show Notes

Narrowing Scopes so You Can Launch

Colin shares that it’s so easy to get out of control with your scope. For Dunkers, for example, a lot of users sent Colin messages to add features to the game but he knows that if he had added all of those in the game plan, the game would still be sitting on top of his desk. He tries to find the minimum product that he could finish and release but would still be solid enough on its own. You got to finish projects and release them so focus on scoping and do not get carried away.

How He Comes Up with Game Ideas

Some of Colin’s ideas sometimes come from his lack of technical ability but a lot of it comes from the influence of other games. He enjoys a lot of iOS games and he gets inspired by the good ones so he takes features and the mechanics that he likes in his own creations. Ideas come off from there, when he is playing these games, then he would prototype them and carry on from there.

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Show Mentions


Colin’s apps on Google Play


– App: Soccer Physics

– Fav app: Autumn Dynasty: (iTunes | Google Play)

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