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Coming up is the presentation from our App Masters Connect Vegas with David Reichelt, the creator of the hit game Color Switch. He shares how he went from working at a valet to 160M downloads, mindset design and his strategies for building Color Switch.

David Reichelt is the creator of Color Switch.

Show Notes

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Valet to 160M downloads

David dropped out of high school, rather spectacularly, and shared that he basically does not have high school educated as he did not even passed pre-algebra. He played the guitar, joined the army in 2003, went to Iraq as a medic in 2005,got out the year after and his contract ended by 2011. He got interested in film and worked as a magician for a while. He has been with Toastmasters since 2011, worked as a pool service man, a limo driver and a valet – even when his game got to number 1. While he was designing games, he was deep in debt but he dug himself out as he had a goal and was focused on it.

Mindset design

You must think of it first — as you cannot breathe, answer someone’s question or do anything else without thinking about it first. If you want to be something big or if you have lofty goals in life, you need to design the right mindset to make it happen. Self-help books can only do so much, you need to apply them. You need to improve how you think until you get a breakthrough and you can do these using principles and concepts such as Slice and Dice, SCAMPER, the infinity principle, fluid thinking, and conceptual blending. You must actively intake information and break mental chains. Understand that you are a constant student. This is a mindset that you need to work on and continually grow.

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