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Hey guys, I’ve got a really cool interview with the creator of color switch a very popular game with David Reichelt. It’s a different format than you might be used to hearing but it is the backstory – what was David like, what was he doing before he became ultra famous and ultra rich because I actually asked him how much money he made from the game.

It’s a completely different format way, loose than you what you might be used to hearing from me. What I would really love from you is feedback, let me know what you think of these type of episodes because it is the origins of a brand new podcast that I want to release really soon. So listen in on the backstory of Color Switch Creator, David Reichelt.

David Reichelt is the Creator of Color Switch.

Show Notes

From Parking Cars to Working for Himself

Since the success of Color Switch, David has moved on from parking cars as a valet to simply enjoying making games, travelling and working for no one but himself. When he is wearing his ‘Creator’ shirt, he would now be swarmed by fans as they are excited with what he is doing and he is currently feeling very privileged to have this kind of attention.

Color Switch had been downloaded 200 million times and it has gained worldwide recognition so David is currently enjoying the fruits of his labor financially. Before he came to this point though, he shares that he had failed all through the finish line. He went through numerous hardships and is glad for all of it as these had prepared him for the success that he is currently enjoying.

Once you have a breakthrough, it demystifies what a breakthrough is and gives you fuel for the next one because you now know that it is possible. David also shares that the more friends you have, the better. This is why you have Mastermind groups…to create superminds.

Fun Facts About David

David also shared fun stories on how he found out just how intellectually superior his brother was after being completely covered with mudpies;the time he did an impression of his drill sergeant which eventually inspired him to get into acting and performing; how seeing David Blaine got him to be interested in magic tricks; his future plans such as having a production company, doing films, putting up his own plays and doing non-profit projects.

David’s pet peeves include editing before building or trying an idea, traffic (that’s why he lives in LA), arrogance, and feeling as if you already know everything and that there is nothing more to learn.

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