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ComboApp – Artyom Dogtiev

ComboApp – Artyom Dogtiev


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About the Episode

Are you looking for ways to market your app on Twitter? Well today’s guest shares some ways that you can get started for just a few hundred dollars. Also, listen to the one thing you should do to promote your app on Twitter for free.

Artyom Dogtiev is the Head of Branded Content at ComboApp

Show Notes

For this episode, we will discuss the different solutions social media can offer for your content marketing needs. We will specifically dive deeper into Twitter and the different options you have if you opt to use this channel. To walk us through this, we have Art Dogtiev, the Head of the Branding Content team at the app promo agency, ComboApp.

Here are the highlights of my discussion with Art:

  • A sketch of who they are as a company and how they landed their spectrum of clients,
  • How sharing their expertise works for them in terms of marketing their own company and the channel that best works for the clients to find them,
  • Social media and how companies can take advantage of the various platforms to promote their apps,
  • Three solutions that utilizing Twitter which you can use to promote your apps:
    • Traditional endorsements –tweets from celebrities and influencers in their fields.
    • – define your message and send a tweet from one of their accounts.
    • Promoted Tweets – solution for business from Twitter itself. Promoted Tweets will resemble natural tweets and will appear at the top of the Twitter search results.
  • A call to action, timing, the right hash tags, coming up with more impactful messages, spreading tweets within certain time frames and other tips in composing and positioning your messages,
  • Suggestions for startups with tight budgets such as starting with a test campaign and doing your homework by going through case studies of other companies, and
  • Engagement, re-engagement and the things that Facebook allows you to do.

As shared by Art, as per February 2013, Twitter already had 241M and we can safely assume that that number had gone up since. Getting the right product is still in your hands but social media gives you good communication channels to see your potential finds.

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