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Complete App - Xander Schultz

Complete App – Xander Schultz


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About the Episode

Are you looking for ways to validate your app idea? Well listen to how today’s guest used Twitter to test out his idea and how that led to him to get funding without even a product to show. Also, listen to why having a mission statement is crucial to building new features.

Xander Schultz is Co-Founder and CEO at Complete Labs, Inc.

Show Notes

Testing an Idea Through Twitter

Creating a community and testing out through Twitter was a great idea conceived by Xander’s team as Twitter allows a user to follow anyone.  This is how Xander tested out Complete App.Xander, of course, knows his idea of an app to serve as a support group for people who primary want to post future tasks will find validation in Twitter, so when a member of his team posted that she wanted to buy a microwave oven and a friend arrived with an old microwave (having just replaced it with a new one) all because the latter had seen the post on Twitter, they knew they had a good thing going.  This all happened while they were about to attend a meeting for funding of the future app. Clearly, the rusty microwave proved just how effective Complete App could be and the investors were quick to recognize this. So, without an actual app yet, Xander got the funding.

The Importance of a Mission Statement

Xander believes in a mission statement when building a social platform and Complete App was built on the premise that it is a novel, fun idea with a community that adds value through motivation and support of each community member and pushing information forward for the taking. A social platform can quickly balloon into something that simply finds a market for commodities to be exchanged. A mission statement helps the app be focused so that any features added to it are aligned with the mission.

What advice can you give to anyone looking to build an app?

Simplicity.Think of what is more valuable to do and your efficiency rating will go up.

Show Mentions

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