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About the Episode

Do you want to leave a legacy and get more business opportunities? Well today’s guest talks about the power of having a book and how he’s simplified the entire book creation process. He also shares copywriting tips, how to talk to your customers, words that make people take action and so much more.

Nick Raithel is the creator of The 7-Hour Book and founder at Content Corps.

Show Notes

The Power of Having a Book

Nick shares that, in having a book, you become more than just another business owner. A book helps you to secure your legacy and attract opportunities that you might not even have predicted before. You have an item out there that people find in many different ways. Books draw people and opportunities such as launching a successful consulting and speaking career.  In a sense, a book is a business card that people do not throw away.

Tips in Copywriting, Making People Take Action and Talking to Your Customers 

In Copywriting, think about the profile of the person who you are trying to sell the back to. Ask yourself: Are they in the bookstore or in Google Play? Why are they looking at your page? What are they looking for? How does your product satisfy their need?

These words were those used by Nick that made people take action: “legacy”, “going on a different track”, “never seen before”, “exciting”, “extraordinary” and “awesome”.

In talking to their customers, Nick uses these questions: Why would you want a book, what are you hoping to get out of this in the long run? Where do you see this leading?

Course: Copywriting

Show Mentions

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