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Daily Spark Media - Muoyo Okome

Daily Spark Media – Muoyo Okome


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About the Episode

Today’s guest sold his app business for multiple six figures and talks about the strategies that are working in today’s app climate. Also, listen to his ninja tips on how to reach out and secure relationships with major A-list influencers.

Muoyo Okome is Founder at Daily Spark Media.

Show Notes

Strategies to Success in Today’s App Climate

In succeeding in the app space before, Muoyo leveraged on the strategies that he knows about search terms and keywords. He shares though that this does not work anymore and if it does, it will be short-lived. The question that you need to ask now is how you can impact a lot of audience at the same time and make them go somewhere where you want them to go. An example of leveraging on audience is the app Fit Men Cook. Their PR was good but it was amplified more by their popular blog which has huge audience. This audience will back him up and download the app once they know about it – this is the unfair advantage that you want to have.

If you can’t build your own audience, think about leveraging on somebody else’s. For example, Muoyo is currently partnering with an NFL star with a large following in Instagram to promote an app. Make the deal sweet on their end as well so that everybody wins.

How to Reach Out to Major A-list Influencers

In finding influencers, Muoyo made a list of somebody he knows who knows somebody. His advice if you don’t know anyone though, is to take the courage to just do cold calls until you get better at it. Pinging influencers in Facebook can be a start but you got to be confident and not be afraid to do it. He shares about the 10X rule which talks about acting quickly if you feel fear crawling in as not to allow it to grow. Time is like oxygen to fear so just do what you need to do so you can choke off the air out of fear.

Show Mentions

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  • WOW! One of the best show on Appmasters! Full of great insights and can see that the guest has a lot of energy! Thank a lot Steve for inviting such a caliber guest. Of course thank you Muoyo for sharing your knowledge with many examples. i really appreciated it.

    I had a great commute listening in 🙂


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