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Dash Hudson - Thomas Rankin

Dash Hudson – Thomas Rankin

Dash Hudson – Tomek Niewiarowski

Dash Hudson – Tomek Niewiarowski


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About the Episode

Are you launching your latest app on just iOS or Android? Well today’s guests talk about why that maybe a big mistake and the advantages of launching on both platforms at once. Also, listen to the part of the show where he talks about execution and why there are zero obstacles between you and getting something done.

Thomas Rankin and Tomek Niewiarowski are the co-founders of Dash Hudson.

Show Notes

Advantages and challenges of launching on iOS and Android

Thomas and Tomek decided very early on during the project that they are going to build it on both iOS and Android. They have observed that Android is growing very fast and there is more male market in this platform. On the other hand, they also decided to go with iOS as the stylish market that spends more on products are on iPhone.

It had been challenging as well because every time they iterated, they have to build (or cease) the features twice. Despite this though, they still believe that in mobile, exploring both platforms is still an advantage as you cannot risk going out on a single platform alone because you will lose a lot of customers.

Tactics in execution

There are zero hurdles in getting something done if you know what you want and just keep going for it. For example, when Thomas had set his sights in a certain individual to be part of their company, he incorporated email tactics which also became relationship builders. ‘Find their email, be polite, have a hook, and be ready to showcase what’s in it for them. If you don’t get a reply, send it again because until they say no, maybe they are just too busy’, he shares. Patience, politeness and persistence.

Don’t be afraid to spend time and resources in executing interesting marketing projects. Thomas had a project that he dreamed up one day and they had mocked it up with their designer in a day then had their front end web designer built it in a day and now they got a pretty cool platform and it is doing well. Find cool projects which can help grow your business and just try them out.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Thomas: Test early, prototype early.

Tomek: Find out what you want to work on and stick to it.

Show Mentions

Fav app: Sunrise: (iTunes | Google Play) (Thomas)

Fav app: Spotify: (iTunes) (Tomek)

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