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Let Adjust unify all your marketing activities into one powerful platform, and give you the insights that you need to scale your business. Adjust provides 100% accurate mobile app tracking so you can make better informed marketing decisions. See why more than 25,000 apps have implemented Adjust’s solutions.


Today’s guest is a data consultant with over 12 years of experience in creating actionable data. You’re about to discover what you should look at to increase conversions, why you should only have 3 daily KPIs and finally why you shouldn’t look at daily downloads.

Lior Barak is a data consultant and you can learn more about him at Tale About Data.


05:06 – How to simplify data processing structures.
06:17 – What data to look at if you are relying on organic downloads.
07:52 – What metrics to focus on for ads and retention.
10:00 – How to use your data to figure out your next steps.
13:41 – Why you should only have 3 daily KPIs.
15:22 – What it means to be data-driven.
17:19 – Why you shouldn’t look at daily installs.
20:43 – A tool to help analyze data better.

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Adjust Talk
Episode 696
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