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Deelow Designs - Dean Martin

Deelow Designs – Dean Martin


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About the Episode

Are you thinking about getting into the app flipping or reskinning business? Well today’s guest is generating over 30,000 downloads a day from his Flappy Bird reskin and he breaks down his entire process about how he finds which source code to reskin and his ASO techniques. Even if you are completely against reskins, this is one episode you don’t want to miss.

Dean Martin is the founder of Deelow Designs.

Show Notes

In our show today is Dean Martin of Deelow Designs and we are in for a chat about reskins and more. Dean had designed about ten reskins in the last two months and was able to cleverly piggyback on Flappy Bird’s popularity just before Apple started rejecting submissions with the same key words as this popular game.

Dean shares to us how they had cloned Flappy Fish to life and the stress,excitement and the fulfilling returns that followed. He also answers questions thrown in from our live hang out and talks about the following:

  • Using website platforms which can give you download history and feedback where you derive analytics to figure out which apps to buy and which apps to flip,
  • Where to get cheap source codes and great developers for your reskin projects,
  • His take on localization and using ASO keywords to market his reskins,
  • The ease for submitting in Google Play, accepting the reality of not being able to please everybody and a piece of his thoughts to the naysayers out there. 

Deans believes in investing in a good designer as this can bring you completely different results. Plus, he knows where the great designers hang on so don’t miss this episode out!

Show Mentions

Sensor Tower


– Flappy Fish: (iTunes)

– Fav App: Time Hop: (iTunes)


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