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We have the Head of User Acquisition at one of the top apps, Peak. You will discover how he’s using retargeting campaigns to decrease CPI and increase subscribers, how he calculates lifetime value and how he automates his acquisition campaigns to save time and decrease costs.

Thiago Monteiro is the Head of User Acquisition at Peak.

Show Notes

How Retargeting Campaigns Can Decrease CPI

Thiago used retargeting campaigns after learning that Selena Gomez uses their app. With this knowledge, they start to target her fans and it worked. They called it the Selena hype train. Since then, they continued the idea of targeting followers of knows pop stars such as Justin Bieber. Pop stars like Selena enabled them to reach the demographic of young users and by doing so, they were able to decrease their CPI and earn more.

But he likens this to going to the gym — if you only go to the gym and workout once or twice a week, you will only get tired, so there’s no incentive in doing it. So in their case, they convinced the users to spend at least 10 minutes of play through in a day, and this includes watching an ad. This gave them extra revenue and increased their long-term conversion rate and Lifetime Value.

How to Calculate Lifetime Value as Subscription-Based App

Thiago starts by rewinding how and what should be added. They also consider what should not be added. For subscriptions, they start with jumpers. This is complex as there are three types of subscription – monthly, yearly and lifetime.

Lifetime is quite straightforward: you buy it once and you have it. For the monthly and yearly you have to predict the term rates, how many months they’re going to subscribe, so you can have a figure on the total amount of revenue that you would have for each type.

How to Automate Acquisition Campaigns

They examined the activities that take the longest for them to do or what they consider boring or painful that they will likely give to an intern and that’s what they automate.

For example, capturing the course on all the different platforms that they use manually which involves logging into 10 to 15 different websites every morning to grab one number is tedious. So, they find a way to do this automatically.

In general, whatever activity is most time-consuming, most boring and prone to human error, that’s a good candidate to automate.

Show Mention

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