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Are you running a services agency? Well today’s guests share their system for productizing their app development firm and the full transparency they give to their clients. Also, they share how to scale down your app idea to an MVP, advice on homepage marketing cop and how their current company started from a failed one.

Keith Shields and Josh Tucker are partners at Designli, building mobile apps for startups and established businesses. Designli is focused on injecting certainty into the highly uncertain process of building custom software.

Show Notes

Productizing and Full Transparency to Place Clients at Ease

When people first start an agency, they will run around like chickens with their heads cut off. From making clients happy to delivering goods, you will indeed run around in circles and get burned out unless you put a business process in place. Keith and Josh focus on certainty and transparency associated with building products –which fits their clients perfectly. They build their own system, like Code Map, where you can see the features they are building, kick off the next phase, request a scope change, get a quote in real time, etc. They would also show the client a road map on everything that will happen, in order, with the exact date that it is going to happen. These process implementations is not just for their own sanity but also makes the clients feel so much better.

How to Scale Your App Idea Down to an MVP

Keith and Josh had lots of experience building apps and usually, clients will come in with big visions and tons of functionalities. It becomes a complex project requiring lots of manpower. They recommend to start with a core feature and build around that. The picture of what an MVP should be, is to start with a scooter, then move it on to become a bicycle then evolve it to become a motorcycle, then a car. Start with a really simple version to test the market with before adding more and more features.

Show Mention

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