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Today’s guest is a 26-year-old who built an app that allows you to donate and see through your phone the impact your donation made. It’s a great cause and you’ll hear how failing at crowdfunding a home for a widower in Malawi led him to creating this company. He’s gone on to build over 100 houses for orphans and widows and even crowdfund a $100,000 campaign for an all-girls school.

Gret Glyer is Founder and CEO at DonorSee.

Show Notes

Failing at Crowdfunding and How It Led Gret to Greater Things 

Gret graduated in college in 2012 and immediately after he started working in a management position at a local car rental company, he got promoted faster than anyone in the company. He got a very nice offer but he stepped back and thought about what his contribution to society would be after 20 years if he sticks around. He wanted a different footprint so he moved to Malawi, Africa to initially be a math teacher but transitioned to doing poverty-alleviation work. It was leap of a faith because of fear of change but once he did it, he realized that he could do it.

The first time he tried to crowdfund was to build a house for an old widower. They needed $800 to build it and he was devastated when he was only able to raise $100. It is still one of the hardest days of his life. He moved past it and analyzed what he can change and change he did – he put up a pie chart on where the money is going to go, he explained how they will employ local labor so that’ll stimulate local economy, wrote a blog post and within a few hours, he got the funding. 

‘If you have an opportunity to do something and the only reason that you are not going to do it is that you are afraid of it, you have to do it. You have to do the thing you are afraid of’. Gret played this quote out in his life over and over again and it totally opened up his mindset and allowed him to take risks. He is now working in a startup, they launched 3 months ago, and had gone on to build over 100 houses for orphans and widows and even crowdfund a $100,000 campaign for an all-girls school.

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