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Doubt the Doubts - Paul Blais

Doubt the Doubts – Paul Blais


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About the Episode

Are you waiting for the perfect time to launch your podcast, start your dream job, or finally take the entrepreneurial leap? Well, today’s guest, Paul Blais, was hit with news of cancer which jump started his pursuit of his dream job. Also, listen to the inspirational story of how a stranger gave Paul a small gift at the grocery story. This isn’t your typical mobile app chat episode, but it’s an inspirational.

Paul Blais is the host of Doubt the Doubts podcast.

Show Notes

For this episode, we bring you a special guest to inspire you in a different level. Today, we have with us the host of the Doubt the Doubts podcast, the inspirational Paul Blais.

Paul walks us through his enthralling journey on how life had driven him to pursue his passions. An electrical contractor by trade, Paul opens up on how he wants to make a difference especially in the lives of our youth which eventually drove him to become a youth pastor. Along with these dreams, he shares that he also had a zeal for writing and public speaking. He initially planned on securing a business and to get it large enough to sell it to be able to sustain his passions but he had to take a detour from this secured route when he suddenly experienced symptoms which he eventually found out as cancer.

The realization that that he does not have time to wait nor the option not to move forward had brought him to his current achievements, his podcast among the list. Listen in as we go through this experience with him and be ready to be inspired and touched by his stories and how he used his circumstances in life to emerge as a better person.

What sort of impact do you hope to leave in this world? What would you want to be said of you when you’re gone?

Hit the play button and ponder on these things with us today.

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