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Jason Burke


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Today’s guest and I went to the same high school yet we really didn’t talk until I started the podcast. We talk about our personal fears, running a business, and even play a new game called “Urban Smart”. It’s a new format of the show that I’m testing out.

Jason Burke is the President at D&R Legal Process Service, LLC.

Show Notes

Jason Burke Talks about Running a Business and Personal Fears

Jason Burke doesn’t have anything to do with the app space but he listens to this podcast to get insights on the best apps out in the market. Jason runs an offline business that processes and delivers legal papers which he has been doing since he was 18 years old.

Learn a few things from someone who isn’t in the app business, his perspective is certainly as valuable as anyone else who is in the app space, because he can be your target audience, listen and find out what consumers like him are looking for in apps to download, valuable information if you’re in the app space because ultimately, we want downloads. Listen in now!

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– Urban Smart

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