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Coming is a coaching call with a founder of a sports nutrition app who already has an audience to launch to. You will discover how to increase conversions, how to run the paid to free campaign with a subscription app, how to soft launch and how to use drip email marketing to increase your sales.

Ronnie Harper is the creator of Eat 2 Win.

Show Notes

Increasing Conversions

A high level strategy for pushing conversions is to show value to the one that you really wish your users to subscribe to or buy. If you are selling three packages within the app, for example, show them the different standalone options but lead them towards buying them all by placing everything in a package with an irresistible price. For my other clients, adding this ‘buy all button’ this had led to a tremendous amount of growth.

Within iTunes connect, you can also run a special promotion to your subscribers. For subscriptions, you can give away free trial periods. Ensure you get press for it from AppAdvice, for example, so this can lead to more downloads and more subscribers as well.

Drip Email Marketing

You can use your app as part of your funnel for traffic generation or for other things. From inside the app, you can bring them outside and get them to subscribe using the emails so you can push content via that channel. You may not be able to get them to subscribe to the app but may be able to get them to sign up to a webinar that you are running.


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