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Eco Fusion-Dr. Oren Fuerst

Eco Fusion-Dr. Oren Fuerst


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About the Episode

What do you do when times are rough and business may not be going as expected? Well today’s guest built an app that monitors your heart rate and gives you breathing exercises so you can chillax.

Dr. Oren Fuerst is the Chairman and Founder of Eco Fusion.

Show Notes

Serenita as Your Stress Management Tool

Serenita uses your phone’s camera to assess your stress and focus level and from there, gives you personalized instructions on what breathing exercises you can do to improve your focus or reduce your stress, depending on what state you are on. The app measures your heart rate and breathing patternto come up with the drills that you need. The app is unique from other similar apps as it has the ability to measure the effectiveness of the stress relief drills by having constant interaction with the user. During their clinical trials, they saw improvement of sugar levels for Type 2 Diabetics. They were able to reduce 18% of their sugar level within 8 weeks of being exposed to the app.

Managing Stress During a Rough Time

For entrepreneurs, ups and downs are expected in the road to achieving our goals. When everyone says that your idea won’t work, you need to persevere and simply push forward. But during those extra rough days, meditation and breathing exercises can be your ally in getting through these times. It can efficiently clear your mind in a matter of minutes and can carry you for the entire day.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: NewMe: (iTunes | Google Play)

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