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I can’t wait to share this indie success story. I met today’s guest earlier in the year and since then he has 10X his app revenue using ASO and Apple Search Ads. You will discover his strategy for optimizing keywords in his Search Ads campaigns, a hack to let Apple come up with the best keywords and why adding more keywords actually hurt his campaign.

Marco Wenisch is the CEO and Co-Founder at di Venisco and Economic Solution AppsMacro’s Planner

Show Notes

Why Adding More Keywords Hurt His Campaign

Marco started with search ads using his free credits and with not much expectation. He did a test run and was pleasantly surprised though when his $100 free ad spend garnered him 108 downloads for his apps equating to nearly $400. To get even more installs, he added more keywords and was really excited to check the results the next day. It shocked him that his downloads went down and pondered on what happened. He direly wanted to get his old campaign back and found guidance from an article which taught him that everything should be relevant – description, app name, etc. This made him realize that in placing more keywords which were not in line with his app, Apple reduced his app’s relevance. The next time he ran a campaign, he only focused on few but relevant the most keywords and it took off better than the first one.

Letting Apple Come Up with the Best Keywords

In running a campaign, Apple actually recommends keywords which you can use for your app and following the recommendations had worked well for Marco. He strongly urges us to trust the keywords that Apples recommends to you as this is the best way to find the most relevant keywords for your app rather than coming up with your own. If Apple thinks a word is not relevant, it would not show itso trust that it will do you good.

Show Mention

– Fav app: Pocket Square Folds: (iTunes | Google Play)

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