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Today’s guest is an expert on using YouTube influencers to drive downloads for your app. You will discover his strategy to find out if a YouTuber is worth their price, how an indie game company went from 0 to 1M downloads in 5 days and how to find your most profitable users.

Pascal Clarysse is CMO at Large at Eden Games and YouTube Influencer Marketing Consultant.

Show Notes

Finding the YouTuber Who is Worth Their Price

Pascal shares that, to find the YouTuber to target the right demographic, you can listen to agents that you trust and have your own data as well because it’s a brain game. Have your own demographic data, know what you are looking for, and play the matching game. Look at the YouTuber’s numbers but use your instincts as well. Look at the content of that YouTuber and ask if this is the content that you are looking for and have a conversation if they think it’s a fit. It’s not all about algorithms, it’s about human interactions.

In making decisions on who and how much to pay for a YouTuber, Pascal looks at the average views for the last 30 days and the average views per video. If these numbers look good, he will look at the last 5 videos and will start watching the YouTuber for a week or two so that he can see how fast they go when they put up a new video in the first hour, the first 12 hours, the first 24 hours..and watch it until he spots the worse video. He does this because he is buying assuming that his video will be the worse one. And if it, he wants to check how many views he will get – that is what he is buying.

Going from 0 to 1M Downloads in 5 Days

Gear Club going from 0 to 1M downloads in 5 days was due to positioning. The racing genre, compared to other categories in the AppStore, is not hyper competitive wherein there is a new game being released every week or so. There are lots of barriers upon entry such as licensing and then it takes 8 – 12 weeks to model a car in 3D and a lot of thing follow after that. The advantage of this though is that, once you have convinced the car manufacturers to work with you and go to the market with a product in a genre where there is generally a drought with millions of fans waiting for more content, Apple and other platforms will feature you quite nicely because they are happy that there is a new, strong car racing game in town. With excellent graphics and console quality, these features converted well and in the first 5 days, they had gained very good traction.

Low point: 2002 court cases, Marketing Director of the company.

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