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Effing Weather - Kevin Blakeley

Effing Weather – Kevin Blakeley


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About the Episode

Would you like a clever way to monetize your app without annoying your users. Well, listen to how today’s guest monetizes his app in a way that does NOT disrupt the user experience. Also, if you’re trying to build your app business while you still have a corporate job, then you’ll want to hear the schedule that today’s guest put together that allowed him to really focus on launching his app.

Kevin Blakeley is the developer of the Effing Weather app.

About Effing Weather

Over 100 + Effing Weather Phrases that tell you the current weather. “It’s Effing Hot Out There”.

We also have an option to turn on the explicit version of all of the phrases.

When you find a phrase you like, share it with your friends using our built in social sharing features. You can easily share the Effing Weather with your friends on Facebook and your Followers on Twitter.

Effing Weather Features:

– Current and 3 day weather forecasts for 2.7 million locations worldwide.

– Toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius

– Background color changes based on the current temperature

– Set the background in the app to any picture you want.

– Toggle between the word Effing and the more explicit alternative for people who want to share how they really feel

– Many more features to come

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