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EIM Games - Kendra Corpier

EIM Games – Kendra Corpier


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About the Episode

Are you overwhelmed by the process of creating a game? Well today’s guest breaks down a simple game production cycle that you can use to turn your idea into a real working product. Also, if you’re struggling to make it work as an indie developer listen to how she uses a community to keep her motivated.

Kendra Corpier is an Indie Game Developer / Designer at Eimear Studios.

Show Notes

Game production Cycle to Turn IdeasInto Product

Kendra shares that she starts with an idea and once she has that, she is then able to build a concept of of it. From there, she prepares her game doc as she believes that this is basically your workflow. Without your game doc, you are bound to lost track and get lost. A game doc is like a business plan for a video game. In there, you have a list of your enemies and heroes; your assets; the description, level, game flow and plot of your game; and instead of employees, you have your game characters. A game doc is pretty much your game on paper.

The next step for Kendra is to get the concept art and start with programming. Once programming is in, she then moves on to marketing. Marketing is a big thing but most indie developers do not do it. They just make the game and think that everything will just happen but Kendra shares this should never be the case.

Leveraging in aCommunity to Keep her Motivated 

As an indie developer, sometimes it’s hard to stay dedicated and motivated because there is no one to cheer you on. So when Kendra moved back to Ohio, she joined a group of app and game developers who hang out and socialize and keep each other motivated on the projects they are working on. They meet at least once a month and talk about things that they are looking to do, such as projects and conferences. They usually get together for two hours to share ideas, like Kendra shares her press list with thousands different contacts. A community makes her feel as if she’s not alone because she can she other developers struggling on the same things that she is going through.

Show Mentions

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