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About the Episode

Today’s guest stumbled on to a brilliant hack that increases downloads for his paid app every single time he runs it. He shares this strategy and how you can use it in your app business. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares how to be productive as a solopreneur.

Troy Anderson is CEO and Founder at Elbow Room Studios.

Show Notes

A Brilliant Hack that Increases Downloads for His Paid App

When Apple featured Troy’s free app, his downloads increased by the thousands and he worked on placing a price tag on it – a dollar at first, then two and so on. One day, he noticed that when he lowered the price of his app, the download spiked. It is a given that an app will garner more downloads when it is cheaper but he decided to find out more about the spike. This is when he discovered that there are websites which watch out for apps that go on sale and he learned that his app was gaining exposure due to these sites. So he experimented, wondering if what will happen if he increase the price of his app one day and decrease it the next. Lo and behold, he did get spikes so he decided to do this cycle again repeatedly. He would bump the price up, pick the worse day of the week for his sales and decrease the price. He automated this process and wrote a tool that tells the App Store to do this for him.

How to be Productive as a Solopreneur

One thing that Troy had realized was that he does not have the time to do everything that he wants to do and he thought about solving this. He was building an agile tool for contracting for a client and it had him studying Toyota, who brought about lean manufacturing to building automobiles. This is where he started to see the value of using tools and realized that the most productive developers are the ones who are experts on the tools that they use and are always learning new tools. They are always learning of the things that are relevant to their businesses and have use these learnings make them more productive.

Show Mentions

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