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Emojiface - Daniel McLean

Emojiface – Daniel McLean


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About the Episode

Are you having trouble getting a response from a reporter or influencer? Well listen to how today’s guest personalized his pitch to get media exposure and also a partnership with Verizon. Also, listen to the part of the show when he shares some questions you should ask yourself to see if your app idea is actually worth pursuing.

Dan McLean is the founder at EmojiFace.

Show Notes

How to personalize your pitch to reporters to get media exposure

Show your product to people who count in such a way as it also showcases their ideas, beliefs, interests. He gives an example of how he did it: For Verizon, he made emojis of the directors of the Verizon foundation showing them toasting champagne, doing things, basically emojis of the directors doing what they do best or doing things that are identified with them. Verizon enjoyed it so much, Dan convinced them to use his app. The same method can be used to pitch to reporters. Doing emojis of reporters is a personal and thoughtful touch that is guaranteed to catch a target’s attention.

Questions to ask if you want to know if your app idea is actually worth pursuing 

  • An app is a good idea if it can sustain engagement. Number of downloads is a solid initial target but the real challenge is that quality in the app that makes a user go back to it time and time again.
  • If the app has a Network effect , it is an idea worth pursuing. The network effect is that phenomenon wherein a user shows the product around – to his inner family circle, to acquaintances and to friends. Soon, the app will have traffic and downloads.

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