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EnhanceCast - Trevr Smithlin

EnhanceCast – Trevr Smithlin


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About the Episode

Have you released your app and been disappointed by the downloads even though you have cautious expectations? Well, today’s guest talks about how you make it through the dip and keep your head up while you continue to iterate on your app. Also, listen to why launching early is important to not only see if the market likes your idea, but also to see if your passion can get you through the tough times.

Trevr Smithlin is the founder of EnhanceCast.

Show Notes

Keeping Your Head Up Despite the Numbers 

You have been realistic and have set your expectations low but if your app doesn’t take off, it is only human to be affected by it. But you have to bear in mind that the app industry is tough and you got to have the drive and persistence because this business will weed out people who don’t make it through. If you want to be an expert with anything, it takes work because nothing comes fast and easy anymore.

The key to get out of this dip is to be a realist, to start small but always be persistent. If you still have a day job, put some time away during nights to keep clawing away with your app idea. Also, you got to teach yourself a lot of things, read lots of resources, and continue being an implementer.

The Importance of Early Launches 

Not everyone will be the next big thing so maybe you can start small. A low cost entry point is buying a reskin just so you can figure out how the process works. Then, just keep moving the needle, keep pushing the ball forward, and eventually, something will come out of it. Launch it and see how to market responds — maybe it will be welcomed with open arms or maybe you will end up scrapping it. The odds may be against you but the more you learn how to refine your idea, the better your chances are.

Then, when the time comes that you are ready for your big idea, you have already learned from those projects and you can follow it up with that.

But just pound away, just keep at it, keep moving the needle because if you don’t, someone is going to and the competition will kick your butt. Just do it and keep implementing.

What is the #1 thing you’d like the listener to walk away with from this interview? 

Reduce your expectation level because the odds are against you right now. There is so much competition and there are so many things you need to do to get people to notice your app.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Pandora: (iTunes | Google Play)

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