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Today’s guest is a writer, digital entrepreneur and strategist who runs the Entrepreneur’s Handbook, a Medium publication dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed. He shares his tips on how to grow a following on Medium, how he started charging his audience and how to communicate in the fewest words possible.

Dave Schools is the Founder of Entrepreneur’s Handbook.

Show Notes

How to Grow a Following on Medium

Dave started with Medium way back 2014 because it was the most gorgeous place to write text on the internet. He would always start writing in Medium then just copy and paste elsewhere. Medium can get your content more mileage as you can reach new audiences so it’s a great place to be. Dave has about 25k followers in this platform and he was able to grow this by being an early adopter and writing helpful content which people can enjoy and share. There is a pressure to be a good writer so it molds you a good writer as it makes you hesitate before you hit publish.

Communicate in the Fewest Words Possible

The goal to communicate in the fewest words possible is a pursuit and a lifelong process and Dave shares that he doesn’t have the answer to this. It is an infinite pursuit, one which you can always improve but wanting to do it is the first part of achieving this. How he attempted to do this is by knowing his audience and having a wide vocabulary. Charcoal black and ink black, for example, are two different colors. Our choice of words determines the effectivity on how we transfer the vision into somebody else’s mind. You also need to know how the other person perceives words hence you need to be familiar about who your audiences are and how they receive communication, then using the right words to elicit that vision that you have in your head. That is the goal and it takes a lot of work and a lot of time.

Show Mention

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