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Today’s guest shares how some of the biggest companies are using augmented and virtual reality to train their employees and transfer knowledge. You will discover the future of AR and VR, lessons from him being laid off and finally how to communicate complicated ideas.

Mark Cheben is the Global Marketing Director at EON Reality.

Show Notes

The Future of AR and VR

EON uses AR and VR for training and education and they dub the whole thing as knowledge transfer. The tech is highly experiential and engaging as you get your hands into the subject matter and because of this, the information transfer between trainer and trainee is so much more.  Things are rapidly increasing so they are pushing themselves to discover ways on how to tackle that in an efficient way where you can learn faster, have better retention and quickly make mistakes in a virtual environment so that you won’t make them in the real world. In an AR standpoint, they did a project for an auto manufacturing company which becomes the first step of turning your maintenance process into AI/AR endeavor where a trainee can now be proficient in 10 times the amount of equipment than before.

Communicating Complicated Ideas

For Mark, the #1 skill that anyone should have is communication or the ability to have a meaningful conversation with another human being. Most of the people at this age have this insane inability to carry on a meaningful conversation across from them. Small talks are no problem but communicating complicated ideas are challenging for them. A reason for this is that, some people are so specialized that all they only learn things which are within their spectrum. But whether you are technical, marketing, or sales, you should be able to communicate your ideas. You can do this by understanding your audience – their technical know-how, their culture, their background – and bring it down to their level. Also, you need to get positive confirmation that your audience received your message as intended.

Show Mention

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