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eTips - Gonzalo Juarez

eTips – Gonzalo Juarez

eTips – Sebastian Juarez

eTips – Sebastian Juarez


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About the Episode

Are you looking for a sure fire way to increase downloads for your app? Well today’s guests have over 150 apps and they school us on why we are missing a huge piece of the pie by NOT localizing our apps. Also, if you have a few apps in the app store and are looking to scale up, then listen to the part of the show where they talk about how long it took them and what processes they put into place.

Gonzalo Juarez and Sebastian Juarez are the founders of eTips.

Show Notes

Travelling can be either taxing or enjoyable and one of usual key is how we prepare the logistics. In this digital age, most prefer to do away with paper maps and multiple brochures to get around and so comes the opportunity for travel apps.

Our guests for today are Gonzalo and Sebastian Juarez, founders of eTips, and they are here to share to us about how they seized this market and came up with over 150 apps focused on travel guides, offline maps, augmented reality and travel gadgets that enhance the user travel experience.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Ganzo and Sebastian:

  • The founding of eTips back in 2007, taking a chance in the travel market and coming up with the hundreds of apps,
  • How it is working with each other and how they complement each other’s talents,
  • Scaling up to over 150 apps and how they managed to build more and more,
  • Their motivation in pursuing the business and the lessons learned about internationalization and scaling,
  • Systemizing their procedures and automatizing steps as keys in scaling apps,
  • How they decide which language to localize and what services they use to translate, and
  • App names, screenshots, descriptions – which of these items should we localize in our apps?

Gonzalo and Sebastian also did a little exercise in ASO application with me as well as shared how many years it took them to decide to do this full time.

Show Mentions

One Hour Translation

– Gonzo fav app:

– Sebastian fav app:

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  • summ3r says:

    I think one of the best investments one can make to better manage app localization is in a specialized software translation platform, like which automates the workflow and permits collaborative translation and crowdsourcing.

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