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EventFarm - Ryan Costello

EventFarm – Ryan Costello


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About the Episode

Coming up today’s conversation was so stinking good that I didn’t do my normal ad reads. If you ever thought about running an event, then listen to Ryan’s tips on how to create memorable events, how to find sponsors, and so much more. And towards the end of the episode, listen to how you can develop a more design centric view on the world.

Ryan Costello is the CEO and Founder of Eventfarm.

Show Notes

How to Create Memorable Events

1. The point of the event – make sure that the reason for the event is clear to you and to the attendees.

2. Self gut check –  Ask yourself, “Would you go to this event?” It is important to believe in what you are doing so always check first if you yourself will go to this event before you ask other people.

3. Follow a Rule of Reciprocity – Make sure that attendees understand what you are giving them and what they have to do to get them. Set expectations of what you can give and follow through.  People are more receptive when they understand what is in it for them.

How to Find Sponsors

The cardinal rule that Ryan follows when finding sponsors is the line and hook principle. Find a cause they really care about. It could be anything but do the research on these people before approaching them. Find their soft spot and let this be your cause too. So it can be raising money for old blues players down South or the fast depleting natural habitat of the crocodiles in Florida. Whatever it the cause is, embrace it for your event too.

How to develop a More Design Centric View

Basically, to develop a more design centric view is to first get out of that fear that you cannot design anything and to activate your curiosity. Always ask, “What if?” This is how to activate curiosity and Ryan is currently having this session where there are exercises that enhance the design centric view. For example, if ten people are given circles, triangles and squares to make a vehicle, perhaps 90% will make a car and there may just be this one guy who will make a spaceship. This is the person who has the designer’s mind.

Ryan believes that constant curiosity can be developed through these exercises. The more curious a person becomes the better he will be at having or improving his design centric view.

Show Mentions

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