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You know how the western markets are maturing and most of the growth is now coming from markets like India, China and Southeast Asia? Well, here is the step-by-step process for expanding to these markets in a cost effective way.

Small steps to gradually capture local revenue:

  1. Localized app store materials
  2. Localized in-game text
  3. Local support and operations
  4. Unique, local in-game content
  5. Local marketing activities
  6. Integrate local payment options
  7. Distribution in local channels
  8. Adjusted monetization strategy
  9. Custom version of game for local markets

You have to note that the deeper you go, the more effort it is going to take you as the amount of effort and resources required will also increase. The business benefit or the revenue potential will also be great if you do everything in this list though so the key is checking what works for you. Maybe taking just a few steps or just doing the basic stuff will already push you along and there is no need to go up the ladder and spend massively higher.


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