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Coming up is the presentation from our App Masters Connect Vegas about Facebook targeting hacks with my friend Manol. This presentation is heavy on visuals so I recommend checking out the video, however, if you’re busy you’ll get a ton out of it with just the audio. You will discover how to use precise targeting to lower your CPI on Facebook ads and how to find highly targeted interests using the Audience Insights tool.

Manol  Georgiev is the User Acquisition Specialist for Facebook and Instagram.

Show Notes

Using Precise Targeting to Lower Your CPI on Facebook Ads

It is very important to know your product so that you can learn who you ideal customers are. If your target market is women aged 35 – 44 who live in the US, this is very broad thereby you need to break this down to specifics. Ask more questions such as, what cars they drive, where they shop, what apps they use, what TV shows  they watch, what books they read – list all of these down to understand what components are building your ideal customer so you can use this in your targeting in Facebook.

Finding Highly Targeted Interests Using the Audience Insights Tool

Once you nail down your targeting and improve the performance of your app, you need to find people who are most likely to download your app as this will stretch your advertising budget. If you have a golf app, it would make sense to go for people who likes golf or Tiger Woods but this is very broad. If you use Tiger Woods as a category, you are looking at 2.9M people in the US but the reality is, some people might like him just because he is a good athlete but are not necessarily golfers. You will be spending your money unwisely because I don’t even know how to golf. If you will use the word ‘golf’, you are now looking at 20M people and half of them might’ve just mentioned the word in passing. Avoid these popular, common words so you might want use words such as ‘Jack Nicklaus’. If you are not a passionate golfer, who would not even know who this guy is and using this will give you about 200K people versus millions. You are now hitting a more precise market, people who are more likely to install your golf navigational app.

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