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Facecake - Linda Smith

FaceCake – Linda Smith


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About the Episode

Are you like me and have trouble innovating and creating things that people say is ahead of its time? Well today’s guest created augmented reality technology that is revolutionizing the retail industry and she shares how you can develop an innovative mindset. Also, if you are a female entrepreneur then listen to her advice on how women can succeed in the male-dominated tech industry.

Linda Smith is the founder of FaceCake Marketing Technologies, makers of the app ShadeScout.

Show Notes

How to Develop an Innovative Mindset

An effective mindset that can lead to innovative thinking must first be able to play the “what if…wouldn’t it be great?” game and just explore ideas without any of the limiting conditions of the present situation.  Just think of your fearless idea, think of the features you want to put in there, of anything you want to happen. Do away with “..but how are we going to do that?” Above all, when thinking about your fearless idea, be sure to choose features that will immediately engage the user. The “How To…” of your fearless idea will just follow because anything that we can conceive, we can eventually create.This is probably the most basic tenet of an innovative mind – the ability to conceptualize something never thought by anyone else before and convince the necessary people that it is doable.

Making It in the Male Dominated Tech Industry 

Do not categorize this as a man’s world. Tackle it as a job that you know you have something special to bring to the table, something of value and importance. This is actually advice Linda got from her Dad, a guy who did not take excuses. It does not matter if you are a woman or a man, do not accept any excuses for gender, what is under consideration here is your ability to deliver, you willingness to work hard and your competence

Show Mentions

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