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Coming up is all about Snapchat ads. You’re going to discover the 3 elements of a high-converting Snapchat ad, how to find the right influencers and what makes Snapchat more effective than Instagram.

Timothy Armoo is the Co-Founder & CEO at Fanbytes.

Show Notes

How Do You Pick the Right Creative?

Tim uses a fusion of advertisement and entertainment or Advertainment. Adding entertainment will engage the younger audiences who have grown resistant to advertisements.

Advertainment has three fundamental requirements namely:

  1. Cultural relevance – Insert your brand in some kind of song or dance that’s culturally relevant to your audience.
  1. Meme it up – Younger people connect and resonate with memes. When Tim sees a funny meme, he shares it. A brand that can insert itself in memes will have the edge.
  1. Humor – Fundamentally, humans like to laugh. Insert your brand using song or dance memes that’s also humorous to make people willing to share it.

How Do You Pick the Right Influencers?

Influencers are divided into two categories, micro, and macro. On Snapchat, Tim focused on micro-influencers who get anywhere from 20,000 to 200,000 views. To measure their actual influence, run their views or screenshots through their Fanbyte score.

On a macro scale, look for Snapchat influencers who are also Instagram influencers. Find musically inclined influencers who the young people congregate to. Tim also searches for comedy influencers – the ones who can insert humor into your brand.

What Makes Snapchat Better than Instagram?

The audience composition of the two platforms is different. Snapchat users are younger than Instagram’s. Tim likens Instagram as a person you want to be while Snapchat is the person you actually are. Instagram is aspirational while Snapchat is the reality.

Instagram is suitable for aspirational brands like fashion, beauty or luxury lifestyle. Meanwhile, Snapchat is suitable for gaming or social messaging apps, those that focus on everyday life. As a rule of thumb, do you think that a 15-21 year old will care much for your app?

Why Do You Outperform Snapchat Ads?

Tim advice brands to avoid Snapchat ads that are interruptive or disruptive to the users. For example, when jumping from one story to another, a random ad appearing can destroy the consumption experience. Instead, he focuses on influencers and making the ad part of the content. Ads that are organic and natural will win over the users.

Fanbytes also uses a secret ad sandwich-sized format that doesn’t disrupt viewers. Instead, it makes it look like a part of what the influencers are promoting.


01:56 – Tim helps brands engage younger audiences

02:47 – How do you pick the right creative?

06:15 – Use Advertainment to promote an app

14:47 – How do you find the right influencers?

17:50 – What makes Snapchat better than Instagram?

25:10 – Why do you outperform Snapchat ads?

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