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Today’s guest built an online publication and sold it at the age of 17, but the interesting part is that he used influencers on Facebook to drive traffic to the website. He took that knowledge and now has an influencer marketing company that has worked with Disney, Adidas, Go Pro and more.

Timothy Armoo is Co-founder/Head Honcho at Fanbytes.

Show Notes

Being an Entrepreneur at a Young Age

Everything started with a bet with a friend after they saw an amazing Mercedes Benz parked outside of their school. He was 14 then and his friend said that he bet Timothy will not see £500 to buy a car as such before he was 18. He took this as a challenge, went home, and searched the web on how to make money online. When he couldn’t find any direction there, he decided to teach math and when the word spread, he had to hire more friends to help him. He scaled it up and in no time, he had lots of tutors on board teaching subjects ranging from languages to physics. It didn’t work out as tutors started doing transactions behind his back but he learned a tremendous amount during this time.

When he was 17, he was Co-Founder/Editor in Chief at Entrepreneur-Express and he ran that for 9 months. He got approached by an American company which was looking to build an entrepreneurship line and he was able to sell the company at that young age. This became his first acquisition.

Using Influencers to Drive Traffic and People 101 to Land Big Clients

He had seen, through a family member, how someone that people look up to can influence them to purchase things being recommended to them. He thought of a way for brands to tap into this and this brought the idea of Fanbytes. They started with YouTube as it was the largest avenue for video. Now, they brought in Snap Chat to focus on the younger audience and to still continue using video as platform. To land big clients such as Disney and Adidas, Timothy used People 101 which includes analyzing what motivates people to take actions and packaging their presentations to feel as it is a complete no-brainer for them to sign up as there are no possible downsides for company.

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