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Fart Watch - Daniel Haaser

Fart Watch – Daniel Haaser

Fart Watch - Andrew Slaughter

Fart Watch – Andrew Slaughter


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About the Episode

Are you thinking about building an app for the new Apple Watch? Well today’s guests are behind the Fart Watch app and they talk about the ins and outs of building an app for the Apple Watch. Also, listen to the clever hack that they built to get the watch to interact with the phone.

Daniel Hasser is the ‘Lead Fart’ at Fart Watch.

Andrew Slaughter is the ‘Farketing’ guy at Fart Watch.

Show Notes

Building an App for the Apple Watch

Use a pen and a paper or use a software like Sketch to wireframe your idea out. Draw out how you want your app to look like or what you want your flow to be so you will have guidance on how you will architect your app.  Your design should be original and beautiful but it also has to be intuitive and has to have a familiar look and feel to people that uses IOS apps. Make the basic decisions on how you are going to wireframe such as going for a navigation controller or a tab bar. Once you have that, then you start building the front end and the UI stuff. Once you have your wireframe, you can start constructing in Storyboard.

How Fart Watch Works from Watch to Phone

Daniel and Andrew created the Fart Watch in six hours and the main idea is that when you click a button in the watch, it sends a signal to your phone to trigger a fart.  In IOS development, there is NSUserDefaultswhich is a shared space to save information such as user preferences in the ap. If the app disables notifications, for example, you can save that down in this space so you can access it later. It basically is persistent storage and what they ended up doing is have both the watch kit app and the base app write to the same file. The value was set to: Should it trigger the fart? False. Then the second the user presses the button, it overrides the value to true.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

If you have not done this before, learn some general programming first. Learn design and programming.

Show Mentions

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