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Coming up is a trick I learned from a podcast interviewee guest on how to use Instagram in finding a college ambassador to help you promote your app, download it and of course, promote your brand as well. Stay tuned!

What to do to Find College Ambassadors on Instagram

Log into Instagram >> go to Search Tab >> put in a College, for example, let’s use UC Davis. The first result will show the address, click that and after that, it will show all the top posts where the check-in was UC Davis.

Click on the photos and find a student who can potentially be your college ambassador. Check their profile, their number of followers and their interactions. If you find one who can be your potential college ambassador, press the three dots in the corner and hit “Send Message.”

For your message, recognize what they do and write something like: “Hey, I love what you are doing and I’m looking for a college ambassador for UC Davis. Are you interested? Here’s our app…”

That’s it! That’s how easily you can find college ambassadors on Instagram. Just put the location and search the top images, and you’re good.

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