It’s already tough being an entrepreneur, but how do you deal with being an entrepreneur during a pandemic while being a healthcare worker?

Well, today’s guest reveals how he’s been able to hustle his way to 16,000 active users, how he found influencers in his niche and finally, how he’s dealing with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Garfield Wright is the Founder and CEO at Rumpur.


01:36 – The challenges, struggles, and realizations of being a healthcare frontline in times of pandemic.

05:23 – Racism even in marginalized communities like the LGBTQIA+.

08:08 – Dealing with setbacks while setting up the app, and how hard work pays off.

14:21 – How pooling people and communities that are aligned with the same passions can help push the product into the market.

17:30 – The strategies on how to convince influencers to share Rumpur.

28:47 – A discussion on racism being isn’t just in America and how it’s widespread in all parts of the globe.

30:06 – The degree of accountability that rests on consumers by being thoughtful about which products to support.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Duolingo


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