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You are going to hear from an entrepreneur who I met early on in the podcast and how he’s built an Amazon business with $1.2M in sales. You will discover how he went from building apps to running an ecomm business, the tools he uses to run that and how becoming obsessed with his goals led to him leaving his job and running this business full time.

Heath Armstrong is the Founder at Fist Pumps, LLC

Show Notes

From Construction to E-Commerce and What 6.22.16 Meant to Him

Health worked in concrete construction because it has the higher job placement and that was how he was taught. But it wasn’t long before he saw that he had owned things to impress other people and lived a lifestyle where he could die soon in. He was successful in the traditional sense but he wasn’t happy. He started listening to podcasts, decided to make a change but didn’t know what to do at first. He started reaching out to people, found some mentor and it made all the difference in the world as it opened doors to him. He did a podcast, started an app company though it didn’t work out due to partnership issues, went to an entrepreneurial center, did websites but he was trading all of his time for money and it was hard to scale.

Through his interviews with people in his podcast, he learned about minimalism, meditation and gratitude and it stirred his interest in travel. He longed for all of this as well and after that, he met someone who was doing Retail Arbitrage on Amazon. He tried it for himself but he found that it took to much effort so he looked at automating it online. After they had figured this out, he started making sales and started obsessing about the date when he will leave his job: 6.22.16. Soon enough, he was able to hit the number of sales he needed for him to make this goal come to pass.

Show Mention

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