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Fitspark - Tammy Uyeda

Fitspark – Tammy Uyeda


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About the Episode

How do you grow a following on Instagram for your app? Well today’s guest has close to 12,000 followers and she breaks down her strategy and the tools she uses to create the content. Also, if you’ve been struggling to get your first app launched, then listen to the part of the show where she shares the small step she took and how that lead her to publishing her app.

Tammy Uyeda is the creator and CEO of FitSpark Health Inc.

Show Notes

Growing a Following on Instagram

A marketing course had introduced Tammy to the potential of the social media as a launching pad for apps so Tammy started sending out feelers through Instagram for her fitness app long before the actual launch of the product itself. Tammy would post little videos of her fitness program which really took offfrom the very start and got a lot of feedback from her followers. The videos were being shared and soon she had over 10,000 followers. Tammy uses an app called Canva to help her make those videos look good. The whole thing just started snowballing because a TV show got interested and interviewed Tammy. That TV interview got Tammy more followers in Instagram too.

The Crucial Step Which Got HerApp Published

Sometimes the amazing thing about an idea is how it seems to get bigger without any help from its creator anymore. This is exactly what happened to Tammy. As part of a marketing course, she had to advertize in for an app developer for her idea. The responses she got were so detailed and so numerous, it made her think seriously of publishing her app. For Tammy, it might have been an uncomfortable feeling as she was seriously at sea as to how to get her app be a reality but she says “uncomfortable” is okay. It can bring you to places you never thought to go, so just take the first step. 

What advice would you give to anyone hoping to use the social media to introduce an app?

Focus on 1 to 2 main channels of social media and target an audience. Let them know what you are doing and what you are planning to do. Give them glimpses of your work. What worked with me were the videos.

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