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Flashgap - Julian Kabab

Flashgap – Julian Kabab


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About the Episode

You will hear how four founders on a small table in Paris went on to build an app that has raised over $2 million. He is passionate about talking to his customers and he reveals how the company invites customers to a focus group and the questions that help them improve virality and design. Also, listen to the simple strategy that he used to decide on the name of his app.

Julian Kabab is CEO & Co-founder at Flashgap.

Show Notes

How Focus Groups Improve Virality and Design

As soon as the app was usable, their team got about 300 people to sign in as beta testers. They went out and talked to them to find out things such as what they liked about the app, what they didn’t, when they will use it, how will they invite friends and all other questions to give them the insights they need.The first version of their app was, as Julian puts it, completely horrible. It was a simple as it could be, it was hard to invite friends and not at all built for a lot of people. But through this process, they found out that there’s a massive gap between genders, realized that people will not us the app the same as the othersand it resulted to great improvements and even a big pivot wherein the app is now  capable of downloading the photos to users’ phones.

`Deciding on the Name for Your App

For Flashgap, they came up with a list of about 20 names which they then sent to it over 400 people. They came back to them one week later and asked only one question: “Which of all the names did you remember?” They then settled with the one name that most recalled by all of those folks.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Brain Dots: (iTunes | Google Play)

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