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Flinto – Nathan Manousos

Flinto – Nathan Manousos

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About the Episode

Coming up are you like me and would love a prototyping tool for your high-fidelity mockups? Well today’s guest was a former designer of the widely popular twitter app called Echofon to talk about his latest product called Flinto. Also, listen to what he calls the “punch it” approach to designing a simple, slick product.

Nathan Manousos is the creator of Flinto.

About Flinto

  • Flinto strikes the perfect balance between fast prototyping and realism. Prototypes run on iPhone or iPad and can be shared with anyone.
  • Build your prototype by linking screens and setting transitions. We’ve gone above and beyond to make it fast and easy.
  • No goofy design tools here. Add high-fidelity mockups or rough sketches, replace them as you go. Drop screens on the page and start working, no waiting for uploads.
  • Add interactivity by linking screens together. All of your screens appear on the same page—it really couldn’t be more intuitive.
  • LinkSnap is the fastest way to create links. Hold option while hovering and links will be drawn on your image automatically, it works like magic.

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