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Flip Flop Software - Steve Miller

Flip Flop Software – Steve Miller


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About the Episode

Have you had dreams of selling your company and retiring early? Well today’s guest did just that and he shares the one strategy that ultimately lead to his big exit. Also, listen to the critical mistakes he made with his first app and how you can avoid them.

Steve Miller is the founder at Flip Flop Software.

Show Notes

Attaining Financial Security to Retire as Early as Possible

Building partnerships was the one strategy that helped Steve achieve financial security. He contacted a company for a mutually beneficial partnership through helping sell each other’s products. This paved the way for eventually getting that all important offer from this partner to buy Steve’s company. Steve’s partner already had an excellent appreciation of Steve’s product and the buyout was impressive and substantial enough to allow Steve go on retirement comfortably.

Critical Mistakes Learned from Experience and How to Avoid Them

Localizing your apps is a best practice but is not the best way to go when working on an app. Localization requires changing the language of everything in your app – including error messages. It is just too much work, it is costly and takes way too much time. The best way is just to stick to English. See how it pans it. Then localize the ASO.

Steve also found out that in Europe, if users were using English, basically it showed the UK version.  So what was needed was to localize the ASO for Australia, Canada, and UK.

What would you say to a 35-year old person?

Stop stressing. We put too much pressure on ourselves. Make a good product and build good relationships with business partners. The rest will fall in place.

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