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Flixel - Philippe LeBlanc

Flixel – Philippe LeBlanc


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About the Episode

You will hear the story of how today’s guest overcame a competitor launching 3 weeks before his app launch and having to let go of one of his co-founders and best friends. Plus, stay to the very end when we talk about how to acquire users when you are selling a subscription based business through an app.

Philippe LeBlanc is Co-Founder and CEO at Flixel Photos Inc.

Show Notes

Overcoming a Competitor

They had one serious competitor, Cinemagram, who launched before them and who were from Canada as well. The app didn’t have the social element but really did well in a PR standpoint. The got great coverage, including celebrities using the app, and they took off in a big way. By the time Flixel launched 4 weeks later, they had to play catch up for the next 9 months as the competitor already got a big chunk of the market. But catch up they did as they also got media exposure from writers who covered them to show that there is now a competition.

If someone launches before you, try to get out as quickly as possible as you still have the opportunity to shine as it is still fresh in journalists’ minds. The press likes to do follow up articles if they got good traction the first time.

Selling a Subscription-based Business Through an App

Subscription is a great opportunity for developers if your app leans well to a subscription model. For Flixel, they saw the potential of their app for this space in addition to the option of being able to buy the app. They push people towards subscription by putting a lower price point, to start with,and offering great deals to come with subscribing. They also do a lot of Facebook ads to get people aware of their services and ensure that their app continuously supports this model.

Show Mentions

Flixel Startup Story

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