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Foutty App Development - Brian Foutty

Foutty App Development – Brian Foutty


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About the Episode

Are you stuck trying to learn how to code and launch your very first app? Well today’s guest is an Apple Distinguished Educator and he shares how he used Buzztouch to create his first app. Also if you’re trying to learn how to code, then listen to his advice on how you can get started.

Brian Foutty is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Innovative Learning Specialist at Trumbull Career & Technical Center.

Show Notes

Using Buzztouch to Launch Your First App

Content distribution to students is always a challenge for teachers. Simply telling the student to go to a website is not enough. For most educators, they find an app works better. No one realizes this more than Brian Foutty so he decided to create an app to distribute content to his students. All actual classroom lectures are in this app as well as being able to send notifications to them, including their parents, with just a push notification button. Not knowing much about code source, Brian stumbled upon Buzztouch on the Internet and found it provided a lot of the support he needed to make his app a reality. Buzztouch was an invaluable resource, providing most of the code sources he needed and it had a community that was very much like a forum of developers. There is a wealth of tutorial videos by Buzztouch on how to effectively use it to successfully come up with an app. 

Learning to Code from Apple’s Distinguished Educator 

The ability to learn something new depends on the degree of need. If you want it bad enough,you can learn coding in no time. It is a matter of trying to find the best means for learning it. One of the tried and true formulas for the best method of learning anything is, “If you want to learn something, prepare to teach it.”

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