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Today’s guest is a successful indie game developer and he shares the importance of using paid acquisition for your mobile games. Also, listen to his tips on learning how to program, user workflow and what he learned selling heavy machinery.

Matt Fossati is the CEO and Founder at Game Masons.

Show Notes

Importance of Using Paid Acquisition

Matt shares that he is looking at selling his company in the future and to get that large number, you have to have a positive LTV over ad spin. He could share his organic downloads to the buyers but if he is asked what his action plans are if Apple changes their algorithm, he could easily share how he plans to break even with ad spin and this requires spending money, tweaking the game, and measuring results after your tweaks.

Learning How to Program 

Matt his mostly self-taught and he learned how to program with the help from YouTube. His ultimate recommendation for those who want to get started though is picking up Unity 3D as they have millions of helping hands in their community to get any problem solved in minutes.  They also have a great debug system and tons of free sample and games.

How to Create User Workflows

Matt looks at the successful games and takes it slow. He advises to start the game off as if you have never seen the game before. Give it to kids to try as they will give honest answers. Try services as well who can give you feedback on how they interacted with the game and if they didn’t get it right away, then that is a clue that people will delete your game. Remember that people does not know the game like you do.

Show Mention

– Fav app: Bike Race Free: (iTunes | Google Play)

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