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Today’s guest has two successful exits in the mobile gaming space and he shares a brand new SDK that will automatically increase in-app purchase sales in your games. Also, listen to the part of the show when he talks about the importance of having starter packs in your games to increase sales.

Doron Kagan is the Co-Founder & CEO at Game of Whales.

Show Notes

A Brand New SDK for Increasing In-App Purchases

The solution that Game of Whales is offering is a combination of big data insights together with the ability to interact with the users upon these insights. It has a very strong AI machine learning engine which can do it automatically, this is not mandatory though so they can turn off the manual option. You will see an amazing dashboard which shows, in real time, in-app purchases when it happens along with the information of the user who just made the purchase: who is the user, how much money he spent in total, what other games he is playing within the studio. Armed with this information, the developer can interact with him or the segment or group of users that specific time across the board.

The lifetime of the user is short. In one month, we lose 90% of our users. We need to find the best way to interact with the user for him or her to spend money in our game in the span of time that they are in the app. Their system predicts where the user is heading – when he will churn, how he will spend money, or he will only stay for the trial period. Once they discern this, they can suggest actions to be done. For those who will churn, a gift to enhance his experience; for the user who won’t spend money, he will try to encourage him to spend even just a dollar by giving him a 90% discount for an item. This is just to make him a payer as he will become more invested in the game once he does so and it will be easier to move him to the next stage.

The Importance of Starter Packs

Starter packs works if you offer users, even if it doesn’t sound right, in the beginning of the game play before they are hooked in the game. It works in two ways: users who are invested the game will continue to play and pay and two, there is no downside as you don’t lose users with this act of offering starter packs. Place it right at the start, after the tutorial. If they don’t get hooked in, don’t show it again, show something else.Find a right time, such as when he direly needs that 1000 coins for him to buy that bike and you offer it to him at an extremely discounted price, at a limited time. But it has to differ from user to user, dependent on the data you have gathered as every user behaves differently and have different interests.

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