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Today’s guest is one of the Game Industry’s Top 100 Most Influential Women and she shares her tips on educational and VR game design. You will also discover her process for writing game narratives and how freelancing while at her full-time job allowed her to be completely on her own.

Sande Chen is a Writer’s Guild Award and Grammy-nominated Writer and Game Designer; Co-Author of Serious Games.

Show Notes

Writing Game Narratives

Working as a narrative designer is different from being a writer. As a writer, you are just writing lines. As a narrative designer, you have work with programmers and other leads in the team to try to figure out how the narratives will unfold over the course of the game. There are lots of top level decisions to be done at the start of the project rather than at the end.

Managing Full Time and Freelancing

Sande started as a freelancer and there was only one time wherein she wasn’t able to keep up with her full time job. It put some dents in the freelancing side but apart from that, she had always managed to keep both separate from each other. She worked at a lot of casual mobile games company, some in big ones, and as of the meantime, she is also teaching and is working with her own projects. She started in the freelance community same as with the most – she sent out resumes – but added in some credibility by joining contests.

Show Mention

Fav app: DragonBox Big Numbers: (iTunes | Google Play)

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