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We have the former CRO at Ketchapp, Christian Calderon. You will discover his go-to strategy for increasing mobile game retention, how his new company helps developers with the marketability of their games and what indie game developers are missing when launching a game.

Christian Calderon is the Co-Founder and CEO at Gamejam.

Show Notes

A Strategy for Increasing Mobile Game Retention

For Day 1 retention, get your player into the game and let them enjoy that core user experience as quickly as possible. This tactic will not work if your game is not great but if you have a great core user experience, getting your player hooked on your mechanics asap will really help.

What Indie Game Developers are Missing

With small teams, a similar story is seen where they love making games and are very passionate about what they do but, they lack the knowledge and the resources to excel in areas around data science, user acquisition and monetization.

They’re so focused onthe game part and in trying to make the game fun but often times, they miss the other portion of what will drive the game to success.

How Gamejam Helps Developers

Gamejam collaborates with developers to help them in aspects such as data science, which can help the game and the game design. As developers focus on making games, they serve as the useful partner who has the resources and capacity to bring in data science, marketing, and monetization expertise.

How can this be monetized? How can retention be improved from a product perspective? How can we measure all of this? How can we market the game? These are some of the problems that Gamejam will solve with developers who bring in games with great potential.

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