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452:Exploring user acquisition channels


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About the Episode

Look it’s getting tougher and more expensive to acquire users, so I brought on today’s guest to explore all the different channels we have to effectively gain traction without blowing through the budget. Also, listen to the part of the show where she shares her approach to thinking about games as service rather than a product.

Paula Neves is Head of Marketing and Product Development at Gazeus Games.

Show Notes

Different Channels to Gain Traction 

When Gazeus started, they focused on Google and Facebook but diversified after that as it was expensive to gain users. There are so many ad networks and channels so they start with thinking about the game then the demographics that go with the app and strategize from there. At the moment, they are using different channels such as those which are focused on rewarded video or those with big inventories to allow direct deals.

Thinking About Games as Service Rather than a Product

With the booming mobile industry, most think of games as mere products but we have to understand that we can’t just develop a game, ship it, then forget about it. You have to soft launch and measure, then hard launch and measure. You always have to improve on what you are doing, it’s a constant cycle.

When you think of games as a product, marketing doesn’t get involved from the beginning, they don’t weigh in a lot, just thinks of what they have to sell, sell it and then forget about it. Games are ongoing service that’s why the role of the marketing team should change a lot. When you think about games as a service, it will now be a marketing-centered development. All the design mechanics has to fit around how to monetize it so they have to be involved from the beginning otherwise, when you get to the end of your cycle, you will realize that you did not have the proper mechanics to monetize and gain users

Show Mentions

Universal App Campaigns

Fav app: Alpha Bear: (iTunes | Google Play)


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