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Genera Games - Enrique Tapias

Genera Games – Enrique Tapias


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About the Episode

Are you just launching your app worldwide upon your first release? Well I have the CEO of Genera Games, makers of Disney Frozen Free fall and Run Forest Run, to talk about what countries to launch in, what metrics to look at and the marketing push behind a soft launch. Also listen to the part of the show where he shares how he scaled the company from 25 people to now over 150.

Enrique Tapias is the CEO at Genera Games.

Show Notes

The Best Countries to Launch an App

Enrique’s first choice for a product launch is Spain. He likes to target the Spanish speaking countries and he finds Spain has the right number of users usually. Argentina and Chile are also good choices.

Apps that are introduced to English speaking countries are usually tested in New Zealand, Canada and Singapore. Australia was a good choice before but it has become too big. If you have a lot of users, a launch will become too expensive. Usually an ideal number is 2,000 users for the initial launch.  This is manageable.

The Metric to Look at When Launching a Product

Retention is what to look for when appraising a product. The retention target should be 40% on the first day. If an app can get this on the first day, it is very good.

What is the marketing push behind a soft launch? 

The reason why Australia is not so much in use as a launching country for any new app is because the market has grown to so big, it would be a pity to use it for a soft launch. The reason soft launches are done is so that any glitches can be corrected before the target market uses the app. If you have so many users already being affected by the glitch, this can discourage people from using the app.

How do you scale from 25 people to 150 people?

To grow big in business, foresight is very much needed. Apple made the announcement around 2008 that it will come up with a single store for the apps. Google, not to be left behind, made a similar announcement too. Enrique recognized the implications of this announcement and took steps to make sure they could ride with this absolutely revolutionary move by Apple and Google.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Star Trek Wrath of Gems: (iTunes | Google Play)

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